Alfa International’s determination to succeed constantly drives us to seek out the best and most reliable technologies. Our state of the art machinery enables us to produce a wide range of products. We are able to produce the simplest products in seconds, and complete multi-featured products in just one operation. In order to ensure the high performance of our equipment we acquire the best tooling and maintenance supplies available. We are committed to ensuring that Alfa has the most advanced, most capable equipment in the industry. The volumes we are capable of range from prototype runs to millions per annum.


The Production Team at Alfa International uses the best raw materials possible. We are very particular about the material we purchase for manufacture because we know that our product is only as good as the material it is machined from. This is why we prefer not to settle for less than best raw material but rather pursue suppliers that provide high quality products. From our Brass and Bronze to our Aluminum and Steel we have trusted, long-time North American suppliers and high quality European manufacturers supplying us with both our Round and Profiled Stock.


“The company’s secret to success is determination. The Alfa Team aims to provide the best products in the industry by exceeding industry standards and defying all limitations. At Alfa, we believe that there is no challenge too great.


The Alfa Team standard is excellence. We believe that our customers deserve the very best, and when it comes to quality and capability we are their best choice for success!”


Nick Cotroneo


The Alfa International Production Team has the ability to machine a remarkable range of materials and take on work volumes from prototypes to millions per annum. From the simplest products to the most complex we have the ability to manufacture a wide variety of products to our customer’s specifications. Alfa produces everything from worms and gears to shafts, tubing, rivets and pins. Our products range in diameter from 0.5mm to over 40mm, with lengths of millimeters up to several feet and tolerances up to +/- 0.005mm.


At Alfa International we provide our customers with a complete product. From production and quality inspection to plating and packaging we take care of it all! Products requiring heat treating, plating, grinding, etc. are serviced by Alfa’s trusted team of suppliers who are approved by our customers and ISO 9001 certified (at a minimum). This ensures that the Alfa Team is in control of the quality of our customers’ products from start to finish. Our Production Team of knowledgeable and experienced operators is another important factor contributing to Alfa's high standards for product quality. We have several long-time employees who are very familiar with our commitment to excellence and who continue to strive to uphold it.


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Alfa International is a manufacturing company that has successfully specialized in the production of precision-machined products since 1985. For over 25 years the company has been dedicated to providing quality products to customers all over the world. Alfa International is committed to excellence in manufacturing and service because we believe our customers deserve the best... READ MORE


We have been supplying parts to top auto makers for many years; Alfa International is:


• An Approved FORD Tier 2 Supplier

• An Approved GM Tier 2 Supplier

• ISO 9001 Certified